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RBVL and GWF Make Alphabet Soup

By John Sica and Joe McGivney                                             7/22/16

 The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League played under beautiful weather with perfect volleyball conditions and players are wondering if bad weather will ever hit Riis Park this summer.  Keep enjoying the wonderful nights.  This week the boardwalk was filled after the matches and the league reveled to the sounds of Brooklyn’s Best Tuesday Night Band, Gearth, Wind and Fireman, featuring the RBVL committee’s own Joe McGivney.  In other words RBVL plus GWF equals F-U-N.  The Strawberry Moon was spectacular, perfect timing for the Rockaway Bizarre to host the RBVL night.  With the great live music serenading the packed boardwalk, the barbequed treats kept the crowd in a party mood late into the evening.  Kobeyaki Got Killed by Sullivan and Galleshaw 4-1, which gives S&G a 10-5 record over the last three weeks, moving them up to 4th place with an 18-17 record.  All night the S&G crew had a little fun with injured players Kevin O. and Crowley texting them about how they were getting crushed until they finally spilled the beans to say they really won 4-1.  Still how did S&G win 4 but lose the last game 21-3?  Well a 21-3 loss counts the same in the standings as a 22-20 one so what the heck. continue




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