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RBVL Gears Up for Championships

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney                    8/1/14


It is hard to believe but the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League completed the penultimate night of league play on Wednesday night.  Thatís a TBG kind of word but it means there is only one more week to go.  The season seems to go faster than the summer, if thatís possible.  Only four teams out of 74 have clinched first place.  Congratulations to Freedhandís, Miley, Wharf Rats and the Baranhaís.  Everyone else is vying for the best possible playoff position and a few regular season titles.  Kiss My Ace had their biggest night of the year with a 4-1 win over Kerry Hills.  Unfortunately, they are still the first team eliminated from the playoffs.  Only one other team will not qualify for the playoffs and right now the Kevin C. Buckley Sandstorms hold a 4 point lead on Kerry Hills.  Mathematically, anything could happen, so stay tuned.  And the best pennant race of all belongs to the Star Division.  Rathbones are 30-19; DisFUNctional are 30-20; Wine with Sue Island are 29-19; Last Call is 29-20.  Wednesday and Saturday should be very exciting.  Casino Auto Body defeated the Mighty Boosh 4-1 to avenge an earlier regular season defeat, despite the spectacular one handed circus sets of Alison Bagley.  Casino was led by Charlie Brady and the triplets, Brianna, Sarah and Lauren, heretofore known as Charlieís Angels.  For those wondering, Joe and Rocky were also on the court.  In the third game Joe broke his own record for the least number of footprints placed in the sand during the course of a game.  He reduced his previous record of 14 slow placed footprints to 12.  Thatís either old age or superior defensive positioning.  continue




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