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Rockaway Beach Volleyball League Meets at Uma’s


For the first time, the RBVL meeting was held at Uma’s restaurant on 92nd Street and RBB where Uzbekistan beer and food were featured.  There was Plov (the national dish of Uzbekistan), Bichaki and Lagman soup everywhere but no burgers and fries.  And there was Obolon, Baltika, Ommegang and Smuttynose but no Budweiser or Coors Light.  League players expanded their culinary horizons and host Conrad got a first hand glimpse of the buying power of the men and women of Rockaway.  They can fill up a place in a hurry.  The RBVL Committee stuck to their tried and true formula of starting ten minutes late to give people operating on Rockaway time a few extra minutes to show up and then keeping the greetings and opening speech to a brief ten minutes.  Those who know Joe realize that his keeping a speech short happens as often as Haley’s Comet makes an appearance.  continue

Here's Your Winners 2013

Ocean                        Freedhand’s

Ocean Breeze          The Mighty Boosh

Wave                         The Cabana, Long Beach NYC

Beach                         Sal’s Auto Sandstorm

Boardwalk                Sands Point Physical Therapy

Sun                             Notorious D.I.G.’s

Sun Ray                     Diggin ‘n Swiggin

Moon                         ServePro NW Brooklyn

Star                            Rogers Irish Setters


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